Sonoma Farmers’ Market

*Quarter Acre Farm will not be attending the market for the 2018 season*

Visit our booth on Friday mornings from 9am to 12:30pm at the Sonoma Farmers’ Market.

The market is located at Depot Park in Sonoma Valley, one block north of the plaza.

You can find us at the market from approximately March through December.

1019 behind the scenes

Farmers’ Market Loyalty Cards

Fill Your Garden
Loyalty Program

For every $6 worth of seedlings you purchase, you get a hole punch.
After you get 20 hole punches, you will get a FREE seedling 6-pack of your choice!


How do you get a loyalty card?
Come to the Friday farmers’ market to pick up a card and sign up
with your email address to receive special offers as being part of the loyalty program!


8 thoughts on “Sonoma Farmers’ Market

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