Andrea . Organic Farmer

Andrea Davis-Cetina (photo credit: In Her Image Photography)

Andrea Davis-Cetina
(photo credit: In Her Image Photography)

I grew up in Maryland surrounded by disappearing farm land. The fields and barns of my childhood showed me the importance of sustainability and community. This became a passion that has guided my education and career.

While at Hampshire College I  focused on local food systems for my senior thesis, analyzing the nutritional content of a local and seasonal diet in the Pioneer Valley (Massachusetts). To make this information accessible to the surrounding community, I published a cookbook, Local Delectables: Seasonal Recipes for the Pioneer Valley.

I moved to California in 2005 and quickly got my hands dirty by creating and maintaining edible gardens for restaurants and private clients.

In 2008 I took the leap to start Quarter Acre Farm on a 1/4 acre of land.  Following my passion and enthusiasm towards natural and sustainable methods I decided to have the farm certified organic through CCOF in 2010.  Quarter Acre Farm has grown a little over the years and is currently 1 acre.

Today, I continue the work of seasonal eating and always encourage my customers to build their own backyard gardens by teaching basic gardening classes in the spring.

To help improve local food systems and access to farming knowledge I host a radio show (on KSVY 91.3 FM), where each week the show features an insightful person from the field of sustainable agriculture, seasonal eating, or social advocacy.

In recent years I have also become involved in organizing fellow farmers by helping to start the Sonoma Valley Farmers Guild.  Together with other farmers I worked to revitalize CCOF’s North Coast chapter.


2 thoughts on “Andrea . Organic Farmer

  1. Andrea, I love your website and all of your posts. It’s really refreshing to read a blog that speaks from the heart! Wishing you guys much success in your organic farming adventures.
    John Mellberg

  2. Andrea , happy holidays to you. Tried your popcorn tonight!!!!! One word yummmmmmy!!! The fish lady from Sonoma farmers market!!!

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