Time for Frost

Early last week I left a warm and balmy Sonoma for a week in Austin, Texas to attend the wedding of one of my best friends. When I returned to Sonoma I felt like I had been gone from the valley for months, returning to the depths of wine country winter. My house was so cold I had to turn on the heat, which took awhile because I didn’t remember how to adjust the thermostat, it’s been so long since we have needed to use the furnace.  

The next day I awoke to a weather report that included a frost advisory for Tuesday night. It seemed so early for a frost, considering last year frost never showed up until December. So with a threat of frost looming I ignored my travel fatigue and desire to stay wrapped up in my cozy bed and I got up. I headed to the farm and harvested the last of the pumpkins, gourds, and whatever green tomatoes I could find. 


The farm seemed so different since I was last there. The soil was plump and sticky from a recent rain. Many of the trees surrounding the field have lost their leaves. The once tall cornstalks now are bent and hang close to the ground. 


Seeing all this is a reminder that the 2015 growing season is coming to an end and the field is getting ready for its winter nap.


One thought on “Time for Frost

  1. Your season is changing a little early, based on my Two Rock experience. There is a lovely, crispness to the change, the smell of autumn and the break for both the farmer and the land. Have a lovely winter–they say, for a change, that you’ll be enjoying enough rain.

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