Farming with Wildlife

Recently I have been noticing all the wildlife on the farm.  The birds darting through the tall cover crop, racing each other, to find the next insects to eat. Lizards scurrying across the ground to find a hiding place. The squirrels chasing each other from one tree to another. Then there are the frogs hiding inside the greenhouse’s nooks and crannies. I even like checking out the wee slugs clinging under the seedling trays.


Last week as I was transplanting tomatoes, I felt myself being watched and I looked up to see a deer on the other side of the fence calmly eating grass.  I guess I was his lunchtime entertainment.  After taking a few photos of him, he finally wandered off into the distance.


Many of these creatures could be looked at as problems for my farm but instead I look at the steady wildlife presence as validation for the efforts on my part as a farmer to increase biodiversity on my farm, the more biodiversity the healthier the farm.


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