The Holidays Bring Exciting News

As you enjoy this holiday season and look forward to the new year, I want to tell you some exciting news about Quarter Acre Farm. I am planning to expand my farm’s production of organic popcorn, heirloom tomatoes, dried beans, and vegetable transplants.

Since I am a one-woman operation, with this increase in production I need the proper equipment to do it efficiently.  In order to purchase this equipment I am seeking to raise additional capital, through a Kiva Zip loan.


The purpose of this loan would be to purchase several items: a Grillo walking tractor, a power harrow, a broadfork, a wheel hoe, and various other hand tools and equipment.

I am looking to my friends, family, and community members to be lenders on this loan. Kiva Zip is part of (a small project through which lenders make micro-finance loans directly to borrowers in the U.S. via the internet).

If you are interested in helping Quarter Acre Farm, please follow this link for more information.

For a limited time only, Capital One will match your loan amount to Quarter Acre Farm up to $500.

Happy Holidays
Warmest thoughts & best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a very
happy new year!


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