Farm Critters

This past week, I’ve been watching all the critters on the farm.  Woodpeckers, lizards, robins, hummingbirds, ground squirrels, quail, and even a California king snake.  I love seeing the farm full of biodiversity.  I believe it is important to have some wildness in the field for the health of the farm.  But when you welcome wildness, into the farm you have to be prepared, to not be in control.


The tomatoes plants growing near the ground squirrel burrow are pruned by hungry mouths.  The tender winter squash leaves have been torn by quail.  Cherry tomatoes ripening close to the ground are tasted and broccoli transplants disappear.  These disturbances are frustrating to find, but this field is not just mine to farm.  There are other living creatures inhabiting this land and even though they might eat some of my plants, their presences helps to keep the whole ecosystem in balance, which is my goal.


I tried to get a pic of some animals but they move too fast!



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