The Farm

*Quarter Acre Farm is on sabbatical for the 2018 season*

At Quarter Acre Farm we provide certified organic vegetables & seedlings with agricultural expertise.

We only use sustainable growing methods: no pesticides, herbicides, or petroleum-based products are ever used on the land.

We became certified organic through CCOF in 2010.

We sell to local restaurants and at the local farmers market.

Photo Credit: Wildly Simple

Photo Credit: Wildly Simple



11 thoughts on “The Farm

  1. Hi
    In your excellent and informative piece in the current Sun (Apr 24) you say it’s too late to plant tomatoes, which contradicts the dates you give for planting (Apr15 to May 30). I think it’s a copy date error but wanted to check.


    • David,
      Good eye, what I meant was that it is too late to plant tomato seeds. Right now you have plenty of time to transplant tomato plants and other summer vegetable seedlings.

      Good luck on your garden,

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